Why You Should Not Copy and Paste Articles Without Mercy

Do you know that there are disadvantages of doing copy and paste articles in blogging? If you did not know, you’ll now know. When I first started my first blog, I do the same thing. So don’t feel bad and ashamed of yourself when such topic is treated. It is common among bloggers today as most bloggers will say that there is no time to publish new articles everyday.

Yes. I know the pains and the gain in blogging. But you will not allow the pains to be a source of discouragement to you as many have allowed it. Whenever you are blogging, have it at the back of your mine that one day, something must enter the pocket. I am not talking about the gain in blogging.

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Creating original and unique contents is one the keys to ranking high on google. Yes. They say the content is King, and it is still king. It has not changed yet. So why waste time copying someones articles when you know that there are disadvantages of doing copy and paste? Maybe if you did not know, you will know it now.


Why You Should Not Copy and Paste Articles Without Mercy

  1. You Get banned by google if You are reported.
  2. Your blog ranking begins to fall.
  3. You loose uniqueness.
  4. Your blog looses value and visitors begin to run away.
  5. You become a Terrorist to other bloggers.


1. You Get banned by Google if You are reported:

One of the things that should make you run away from the CTRL C + CTRL V is the Google stuff we are talking about. If you are reported to Google for copying an article, then Google has the right to disable your ads. So to avoid heart breaks and depressions, please stay away from copying and pasting.

2. Your Blog ranking begins to fall:

You can’t compare a blog with unique articles with that of photocopied articles. Original contents will always rank more than copied ones from my experience provided other SEO factors remains constant. So be ready to face a drop in your ranking after the Mindless lifting or articles.

3. You loose Uniqueness:

Have you notices that blogs that provide original contents are always unique? Blogs like the flashlearners, and so many others provide quality contents and that is why they are still standing strong. Users or visitors to your blog will be frustrated seeing that you have compromised your standards by copying and pasting articles without mercy. 

4. Your blog looses value and visitors begin to run away:

The Next phase of experience in the act of copying and pasting of peoples article is the sudden escape of your visitors to your blog. The kind of traffic you use to get will drop drastically. Bookmarked pages will suddenly be removed without a second thought. So when next you want to copy and paste, remember this.

5. You become a Terrorist to other Bloggers:

Other blogger will begin to fear you whenever they release articles, having in mind that there is a terrorist somewhere who is watching ..lol. I am afraid someone may copy mine and use it on his or her blog. I have noticed one thing, that 60% of the persons who copy your articles will likely be from among your friends. To avoid threatening other bloggers, please mind how your copy peoples articles.


My advise to those bloggers that will not allow someone rest

Even if you are to copy without the owners consent, do either of the following:

  1. Use a CREDIT to source the article to let anyone know where you got it from.
  2. Edit the original article, then add your own ideas before publishing it.

Otherwise, when the calamity comes, be ready to face it. Do not come here and complain that i did not inform you….

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