What To Do While ASUU Strike is still Ongoing (30) – A Must Read

If you are affected in the ongoing ASUU Strike, then this article is for you. What Should I do while ASUU Strike is still ongoing is a very crucial topic to deal with at a time like this that most students are just so confused.

Questions like:

What should I do while asuu strike is on?

What should my child be doing at home while asuu strike is ongoing?


I recently view a friends WhatsApp status today, and guess what? He was busy complaining why the Federal Government hasn’t met the demands of Asuu after several meetings since the strike began. Some of the salient points which I captured there are the following:

  1. The Federal Government is not interested in our education.
  2. Nigerian students should awake to the consciousness of the bad effects of the ongoing asuu strike.
  3. The Federal Government should make sure they provide the basic things we need so as to meet the demands.
  4.  Student are wasting time at home while the politicians are busy campaigning everywhere.. and so many othere.


I am not here to support the FG for failing to meet the demands of asuu. In fact, as a student, it has affected me in a way as I am supposed to be going for an IT next year. Most of the students have already paid their fees just to sit back at home to eat. This is very annoying. I must confess.

If you have been following up updates on asuu strike, then you must have heard that asuu has given the federal government a deadline of 31 December for them to meet their demands, if not there will be no more negotiations from them. I see this as a challenge which the federal government must take it serious if they actually want us to participate in the upcoming election.


But while we wait for the strike to be called of or suspended, it will not be good if we just wait everyday sitting at home to complain everyday and make fun of it. That is why I have decided to write on some of the things that every students (irrespective of the department, or discipline) should be doing while the asuu strike is still on.


What To Do While ASUU Strike is still Ongoing

I will be listing out some of the things to do while Asuu is still on.

  1. Learn Some Skills:


  • Painting

You can learn how to apply paints to buildings and drawings on paper. Learning this skills will require you to be creative. You should be able to auto-generate designs for your paint works. You can even paint for companies and get money from it.

  • Bricklaying

For those studying civil engineering, do not underestimate this. I am not saying you will end up laying bricks, but during this asuu strike period, you can learn how to do this.

  • Plumbing

This is another lucrative skill irrespective of the course you are studying. Just develop passion and learn it.

  • Carpentry

This is a skilled trade in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork, etc. At first, it may look boring, but with time, it will be an old story.

  • Mechanic

For mechanical engineering students, while ASUU Strike is still ongoing, use this period to advance your skills by learning how to repay motobikes, cars, even Aeroplane.

  • Photography

It is not all about taking selfie with your smart phones. You can even become a professional photographer in this short period of asuu strike.

  • Cyber Services

Jamb is approaching. You can open a cyber cafe and help students to print their jamb reg slips, check results, learn how to use PC to write CBT exams.

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  • Decoration Services

You can join your community to decorate stages during performances or in the church.


  • Catering Services

This is another skill that will give you money. You should how to bake cakes, ranging from birthday, marriage, convocation, etc.


  • Electrical engineering Repairs

This specializes in electrically driven industrial rotating equipment including all types of AC and DC electric motors, fans, generators (including wind turbine generator repairs), etc. You can work with teams to repair equipment used within industrial and other environments today.


  • Phone and laptop repairs services (Downloading musics, files, films apps).

If you are studying electrical/electronics engineering, then this will be the best time to learn how to install, transfer apps to novices, newbies who do not know how to use phones, then you charge them and go your way.


  • Guitar skill acquisition.

I have a friend and a classmate who is learning this currently. You can even learn it to mastery before asuu calls of strike.


  • Tile fixing

If you will be working in the construction company or you have love for structures, then learning how to fix tiles during this period will make sense and of application to what is done in the classroom.


  • Drum skill acquisition.

You can learn to play for churches or ceremonies. If you are studying music in school, then it will be a very good opportunity to hold on to.


  • Blogging

This asuu period is a good time to learn how to make money blogging. If you need an online tutor, then you can contact me.


  • Web development training.

You can learn how to develop website for either personal use for companies. You can start by learning Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP/Python etc.


  • Fish Farming especially catfishes.

This is another lucrative skill to learn which will be of help even after studies. You can even make money from it while you are away. Catfish is usually good to start with as it grows fast and reproduces much.

Other skills to learn includes:

  • Sculpturing
  • Tailoring, fashion designing.
  • Bead making
  • Artworks (Drawing, making banners etc).


Remember when you are learning this skills, try to find the one that matches with the course you are studying at college (higher institution). For example, If you are studying computer science, then you can go learn computer skills like (Programming, Microsoft Office packages, Hacking, web development, etc.), for engineering students (AutoCAD, Excel, Java Programming, Fortran, Visual Basic etc). Some of your friends who have not got admission may be laughing that you are learning work just because you are not in school, see eeh, do not mind them. Keep doing what you feel is good. At least before school resumes, you will be ahead of your mates.


2. Teach at Primary Schools or Secondary schools:

If you are a bright student and knows how to teach, then this asuu strike vacation will be a great opportunity to teach. Do not wait until you are paid in hundreds of thousands before you accept the offer, anything they give, you can collect just to keep yourself busy during this period.


3. Enroll for Online Courses and Keep Learning:

There are several online platform where you can use to learn what ever you want to learn. Some of them are:

a. w3schools.com

b. sololearn.com

c. udacity.com

d. edx.org

e. udemy.com

All you have to do is register with your email, and then begin to learn. Most of them are free but requires payment before you obtain certificates, while some requires you to pay to learn, then obtain a certificate of completion.

You can also make the YouTube your companion to learn online as it is freely provided by Google. The only thing needed from you is to subscribe your network.


4. Self Discovery and Personal Development:

Most students in Nigeria do think that life is easy. I recently made a post on my whatsapp status which caused problem to some of my friends. This is what i wrote there:


The course you are studying may not be your purpose here in life.

  1. You can use this time to discover your purpose.
  2. Also, read books on personal development. Schools will not teach you all these things. Books like, ” Why you act the way you do“, and some other books on temperament and personality traits.
  3. For the upcoming CEOs, it will be time to invest in yourself with books. Reading these books will not only give you the head knowledge, but will give you authority when you speak with your mates.
  4. Use this ongoing asuu strike to learn how you body system works. What works best and the time you achieve maximally in a day. This is very important.
  5. If you find it difficult to make friends, then use this time to achieve that.
  6. Also, build your personal relationship with God while ASUU Strike is still ongoing.



Go out, in search of organizations that you can volunteer with. It does not necessarily have to be paid. Focus on experience!


6. READ:

You may decide to visit libraries or join book clubs where you can get access to books. Create a schedule and read different topics!

Whatever you do, make sure you DON’T stay at home idle. Engage yourself in activities that will be beneficial to you.

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