7 Set of Students That will Benefit from the Ongoing ASUU Strike

5 Set of students That Will Benefit from the Ongoing ASUU Strike: Several meetings have been held as touching this ASUU of a thing and it is like there is no positive response by the federal government. In as much as most students would want this strike to be called off, there are some students who are praying for the ASUU strike to continue. These set of students are those that I think will benefit from the ongoing ASUU strike.


7 Set of students That Will Benefit from the Ongoing ASUU Strike

The below are the category of students that will benefit from the ongoing ASUU strike. Irrespective of the department, these student have made up their mind that while others are on their knees praying always, with their ears listening to news, and their eyes reading newspapers, they feel less concern about it.

  1. The Student Bloggers:

These are students who own a personal blog or have niche blogs. It is a period of relieve for them as they will have time to focus on their blog while the strike last. As combining blogging and studies isn’t an easy task, the student blogger during these period will begin to generate their income and work toward making their blog better.


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  1. The Unserious Students:

These are the students who have made up their mind that education is not for them due to one reason or the other. It must have been that they have performed academically poor, or by nature, they have no interest in education. These set of students will benefit from the ongoing ASUU strike as they use this period to sleep, play games, venture into full time betting, you can name them.


  1. Those Who Want to Study:

This is usually the period for those students are able can sit down to read and study their books in the absence of lectures. For those who are planning to get First Class, this is the right time they devour their books without mercy. These serious students have the mindset that even on top of the strike, graduating with a First Class is sure.


  1. Those Who want To develop themselves:

These set of students benefit a lot from the ongoing ASUU strike. They use this period to read motivational books, learn different trade (blogging, programming, computer software etc). Those in the mass communication will always find this time useful as they use it to improve their speaking and writing skills. For the student in engineering will learn AutoCAD and other civil engineering software like the protastructure, revit, staadpro v8i etc. For those students in the Pharmacy, they begin to learn how to dispense drugs at the pharmacy shops.

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  1. The Hustlers:

Fear these set of students o. ASUU has given then period to maximize in making money on the street and on their PC. Most of them are training themselves in school, so they need to make money before ASUU calls of their strike. Most of these students are into G and G-Plus, ++. They see school as a place that distracts them from making their money. Ensure to maximize this period if you are one. For the G and G-Plus guys, i want to tell you that there are other hustling activities to get into. Going into nefarious activities is to your detriment.


There is another set of students that i want to add to the above. These are the

6. Christian Students on campus:

These are students who during this period will bring down kingdoms of the devil via preaching of the Word in different lodges, houses and rooms. They hold crusades, and hold prayer meetings while the strike is ongoing. In fact, these student use this opportunity to develop their spiritual muscles as many will receive their ministry during this period of ongoing ASUU strike. If you are a christian student, then benefiting from this ASUU strike is a goal.


7. Those Students Seeking for IT/SIWES Placement:

This is the period most of the penultimate students and some others use in search of Internship Places. Those who apply online are doing it, some companies will need the physical contact with the students. If you are in this category, then maximize this opportunity very well.


I will like to hear from you concerning this matter. Are you benefiting from the ongoing strike or not? Do you want ASUU to continue?

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