Students, Learn From these Little Creatures: Ants

Students, Learn from the Ants

I have taken some observations on how the ants behave and compared it with students and have come to conclusion that ants are industrious creatures, so therefore, every student who wants success in life should learn from these little creatures.

You may be asking me why I should even compare humans with this little creatures. Do not worry, at the end of this article, you should be able to relate it well.

Permit me to say that ants are more organized, industrious, hardworking, than most of us students and workers. That is why King Solomon the wisest man that has ever lived wrote it in Proverbs 6:6 (let me paraphrase it), He advised us to

  1. Go to the ants you sluggard,
  2. Consider their ways, so that we will
  3. Be wise.

If you noticed, there are three things contained there.

Go to the Ants:

This is an assignment that everyone of us is expected to do as a student. After much observations, King Solomon noticed the characteristics of these little creatures (which I will be discussing with you in the next point). As a student or a worker who is planning to make a serious mark on the sands of time, you are advised to go learn from the ants.

Consider their ways:

What did Solomon mean by the ways of the ants? These refers to the characteristics, or features they possess. If you are very observant, you will notice the following characteristics of Ants.

  1. They are industrious & hardworking
  2. They work in Team
  3. They are wise
  4. They understand the seasons.


Ants are Industrious & Hardworking

The colony of ants is a typical example of this. Have you ever seen where ants are building their houses? If you have not, let me tell you. Ants are so much hardworking to the extent they could erect mighty structures just for all their members to live in. They work tirelessly day and night to make sure that their lives are safe, and secured  from external predators. They provide food and shelter at the due time without seeking for the consent of any ruler, commander, or leader. If you have noticed it, be it the king, queen, or workers, they all work together in team just to make sure that life goes on. Now, if ants could do this, how much more we humans (students)?

They work in Team

There are some courses that involves team work. For  example, courses like  Engineering, Architecture, etc. These professions requires that we work in team. But do you know that there are so many of us today who do not believe in team work? YES. There are. May be you didn’t know before now that the Tower of Babel was collectively built in team, even the Benz we drive today it’s as a result of team work. So asap student, learn to work in teams. No man is an island as that say. Some achievements in life is as a result of teaming up with people of like minds to build, create ,think and develop. Even in studying, group study is helpful if you’re in college. I therefore charge you to go to the ants, and learn the principles of team work.

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Ants Are Wise:

Ants are wise such that they are able to divert or runs away from threats or harm they come in contact with. If you put a stumbling block on the path of ants, instead of them to run back, they take another route instead and keep on with their journey. Ants are not weak in the brain, and this makes them wiser than most of the humans we have today. Challenges are no problem to them. It is better for them to spend hours on a longer route so as to avoid predators than for them to be hurt.

A prudent man sees evil and avoids it, but the foolish runs into it and gets hurt/destroyed. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. Having a head knowledge isn’t enough to take you to your desired destination. But being wise is like saying  taking further steps to applying what you know.

1. Understand that life isn’t bed of roses.

2. Understand that success isn’t achieved easily.

Wisdom is the principal thing .Therefore get it .And with all you get, get understanding.


It is not enough to be learning always. But try to apply what you learn that you understand how it’s applied to life. Please  get sense.


They understand the seasons:

It is very common today to see a lot of student or workers who have failed to understand the seasons. The time to study is the time for them to use in playing computer games. Time to play becomes time to get serious. This is very wrong. The ants understands the rainy seasons, and the dry seasons. They get their food during the dry seasons into their houses, and during the rainy season, they use it to sustain themselves. This they do so as to avoid being carried away by the floods as a result of the rain. Before the rain starts, ants are already I their holes (houses), relaxing and taking shelter from the weather.

As a student, there is time for everything. Time to read and time to play. Time to sleep and time to wake up. Remember that all work without play makes Jack a dull boy as they say. You may have to replace the Jack with your name to make it Personal.


Have you taken time to notice how tiny and insignificant these creatures are? I believe you have killed an ant before in your life and felt how unnoticed it was.

If these wonderful creatures could have these powerful characteristics, and still perform wonderfully in life endeavor, then it is also possible for us students to make success in our academic pursuit and every other pursuits in life.



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