See How 2019 Jamb Questions Will Look Like

From the questions most jamb candidates ask, how jamb questions will look like, does jamb repeat past questions, some even ask how many questions are in the jamb examination, it is obvious that this questions do come from the serious students.

I will be showing you how 2019 jamb questions will look like without wasting your time.

But before then, i believe you must have heard from someone how it looks like, or maybe you have written already and known how it is like.


How 2019 Jamb Questions Will Look Like

When you say, how it will look like, you are probably asking the question on the nature of jamb questions. From the previous exams, i will say that jamb exams has always been the same since it a CBT examination. Candidates get similar exam questions irrespective of the batches. So, my explanation is from a survey I have taken from candidates and also from experience. But before then, note these important things to know about jamb exams.

  1. It will be a Computer Based Test Examination (CBT).
  2. You will be tested in 4 subjects.
  3. English Language is compulsory for every one.
  4. The usual number of question for other subjects excluding English language is 50.
  5. Recommended novel to Read is SWEET SIXTEEN (16). 




How English Jamb Questions Will Look Like

Jamb gets English comprehension and fill in the gap passages questions from Newspapers, publication by industries and Financial reports. They also adapt passages from novels and recommended use of English textbooks. Excerpts used are most times frequently used words from talk shows, conferences, and several submits. I will advice that a candidate read wide to be conversant with jamb use of English.


How Mathematics Jamb Questions Will Look Like

Jamb mathematics exams are the most simplest exams ever if you know how jamb questions will look like. I recommend you use this books:

  • Adelodun A. A (2000) Distinction in Mathematics: Comprehensive Revision Text, (3rd Edition) Ado –Ekiti: FNPL.
  • Anyebe, J. A. B (1998) Basic Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools and Remedial Students in Higher/ institutions, Lagos: Kenny Moore.
  • Channon, J. B. Smith, A. M (2001) New General Mathematics for West Africa SSS 1 to 3, Lagos: Longman.
  • David –Osuagwu, M. et al (2000) New School Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools, Onitsha: Africana – FIRST Publishers.
  • Egbe. E et al (2000) Further Mathematics, Onitsha: Africana – FIRST Publishers.
  • Ibude, S. O. et al (2003) Algebra and Calculus for Schools and Colleges: LINCEL Publishers.
  • Tuttuh – Adegun M. R. et al (1997), Further Mathematics Project Books 1 to 3, Ibadan: NPS Educational.
  • Wisdomline Pass at Once JAMB.


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If you can take up like two of the books here and study without sleeping, then be sure that you will pass the exams well. Jamb mathematics are most times have the highest number of repeated questions. I am talking from experience. Get informed because it is not by magic. Jamb do not have that time to begin to set new questions from afresh. So make use of your past questions, then you will come back and thank me.


How Other Subject Jamb Questions Will Look Like

Just like what i have said, jamb have question bank where questions are set from. So therefore, use the right jamb past questions to study for other subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, etc. If you are able to understand your normal text books and cram very well then you are home and dry.

NB: You may not be able to read all the topics, but understanding the concepts will help you know how jamb questions will be.

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