I am pleased to bring to you that NGPORTALS are now ready to Set-Up And Manage your Blog/Site from now on. As the CEO, I have been researching and working on how to provide to users as a result of the questions I get on how to start up blogs or sites. And because of this, I have come up with the following solutions.

These are some of the services we provide:

  1. Set up Professional WordPress Blog or Site
  2. Work on the SEO of your blog/site
  3. Design Logo that best fits your blog/site.
  4. Coach you on How to succeed in blogging.
  5. Guide you to Choose a niche that fits you. We achieve this after we collect survey from you.
  6. We also Manage your blog (but this involves extra charges).
  7. Guide you on how to choose a nice hosting plan.


Some of the Certificates I have obtained are below.


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You can reach us using the contact us form on the contact us page. You are required to provide the correct information so we ca reach you. The format of the body of the message you must follow is given you below:

Phone Number:

Type of Service (Blog Set-Up, SEO, Management of Blog, Coaching, etc).


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