How to Read And Pass JAMB 2019 Once without Cheating & Sweating

How to Read And Pass JAMB 2019 Once without Cheating: Jamb 2019 is not going to be funny at all. I am serious about this for those who are writing it for the first time. Those who failed last year will have to buy another jamb form, and you know what that means? another competition. I am not saying this to make you afraid, but to guide you on what to do to pass jamb 2019 once without cheating or sweating.

What Causes Cheating and Sweating in JAMB Exam?

The main reason why students cheat in exam hall is because of inadequate preparation and some other things i will be discussing with you. A student who fails to plan is already planning to fail. Recall that failure is no mans friend, and no respecter of any person. It therefore means that, no matter how brainy, brilliant, smart or strong you may be, when failure visits, it does not respect you.



-Ifiokobong Akpan


A lot of students who call themselves gurus end up failing jamb examination while some others end up passing jamb. Several categories of students exist as you know. Those that pass by magic, and those that are certain of what they wrote fortunately passed it. But all along, I will be showing you what to do to pass jamb 2019 once without cheating in the exam hall or sweating profusely.

Cheating may come in different forms as you know (for those that  have been in the business for some times now). Now that jamb is now in cbt form, some students think it not possible to cheat again but have failed to know that even looking at your partners screen and copying is cheating.

How to Read and Pass JAMB Exam Without Cheating

Having seen what may possibly cause you to cheat in exam hall, we’ll see how to jump over those roadblocks.


A  determined man can not be moved. Determination activates your heart to be fixed on something no matter what comes your way. When you are determined to pass an exam, it increase your persistence when you come across resistance.


Determination is like a propeller that drives your passion irrespective of the ratio of your effort to load.

-Ifiokobong Akpan



Letting go of certain things can be sometimes very difficult to accomplish. To successfully pass jamb without cheating, you have to let go of most of the things that gives you pleasure. Sacrifice will give you the ability to put in your best in quest for university admission. Remember that you can always come back to pick up what you left behind after success is achieved.



Passion is like a fuel that drives the soul. If you think of having success in this coming jamb examination, then you must study your materials as if its a no mans business. Begin now to bite your books as if the exam is tomorrow. The day your passion dies, success will run away from you.


A Man with passion added to his vision will accelerate uniformly amidst retardation.

-Ifiokobong Akpan



Now that you have developed passion and determination to pass jamb exam, there is another important thing that may work for you. Some students say they do not follow time table. Yes, It is true. This is because they know how their system works. Most students need to be organised before the can succeed. So try this out if it works for you. The subjects to be read should be well planned an organised in the timetable to guide you to study without loosing concentration and falling asleep while studying.



This will assist you in understanding the nature of the examination and area of focus while studying. First and foremost, we all know that JAMB questions are usually objective and the way you read for objective type questions is not the same way you read for theory or subjective type. Even though it’s easier to prepare for objective than the others because you can always easily infer the answer from the given options, you still need to know the common patterns they use to set their questions.



In one of the post I published, i made mention of Pomodoro Method of studying. If you have not read it, then click here to read it.



If you have a friend who is taking jamb exam with you, you can read and discuss topics together at your comfort and his. This will facilitate faster understanding of the concept of the topic in general.



They say short pen is better than longer memory. Make sure you revise what you have been jotting down during the reading and studying process. This will help keep your memory fresh until the exam day.



There are certain points that you need to cram especially the frequently repeated questions and formula. Studying these things are not just enough to use it in the exam day. You need to go extra mile by cramming them.

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If you still have something to add, you can use the comment section to add it, and it will be added and sourced to you. We are interested in your academic success as it will not pass you bye this time around. You must not be the most intelligent student in your class to pass jamb. I am talking from experience. I believe in you.


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