How to Improve your Tech Skills – Tools You Need

For some of you that have been asking me how to improve your tech skills and even the tools needed to achieve this, then i think this article is for you. There are several reasons why you may need to work on your IT or tech skills as a student while studying in the institution or still planning to go to college. Some of them i will list, and then move into the topic.

Why You Need to Improve on your Tech Skills

From the little experience i have got so far, it is obvious that most of our youngsters do not still know the importance and the need to improve on their technical skills. Solid technical (tech) skills are becoming increasingly important, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. While computers have become easier to use in many ways, the leading edge is more complicated than ever.

Here are some of the advantages a strong tech skill will give you. I recommend you click HERE to read the details of it.

  1. It will make you to access information efficiently.
  2. It assists you to make intelligent technology purchases.
  3. It Saves your time.
  4. It Saves money.
  5. It will make you feel more confident and comfortable with technology.

Having seen that short list, then its time to go into ways to improve technical skills in computer science, management, work


How to Improve your Tech Skills

  1. Dedicate your time to reading around.
  2. Experiment, experiment, experiment.
  3. Identify your Favorite tech-related media outlet.
  4. Get close to Tech minded people/students.


Dedicate your time to reading around:

When i mean dedicate your time, i am serious about it. If you need a sharp improvement on your tech skills, then this is a very essential ingredient which will spice up your taste and love and also help you to improve on your skill sets. If you are s student, setting out time to read wider outside your course will be the best thing but not an easy one. But if you want to get ahead professionally, you need to make the time for it. You can schedule time for it and make it a habit that on this day or so, i will make sure i learn something that will help to improve my skill sets. By doing this, i give you assurance that in no distant time, change will come.


Experiment, experiment, experiment:

Experiment on any of the tech skills which you are planning to improve on to see how it may fit you. You can try the below tech skills.

  1. Web Development
  2. Programming
  3. Graphic designing
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. CMS development.
  6. Hardware repairs.
  7. Blogging.

The above are just few skills you should experiment on. In order to achieve a maximum improvement on any tech related skills, you need to be specific and know what you want. If not, then it will be a waste of energy trying to get all at once.


Identify your Favorite Tech-related Media Outlet:

What i mean here is get to know where your favorite tech skills are being advertised or where they promote their products (be it online tutorials, classrooms, hubs, etc). If it is a YouTube channel, then get to subscribe to it. If Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, then follow it. And if it is a hub, see how to apply for it and get enlightened. Get newspapers, movies, magazines, books and every material that will assist you to improve  your tech skills.  So much great information available online for free are also available. I will list some of them for you. You can take time to visit them:

  1. Sololearn – Enroll for courses free and take your tech skills to another level.
  2. Udacity  – Enroll for courses here. Free and Paid courses.
  3. Edx – Enroll free while you pay to get certificate.
  4. w3Schools


Get close to Tech minded People/students:

An eagle and a chick(bird) cannot just fly together. Find an eagle in your tech field after you have conducted an experiment and discovered your skill sets. Get closer to them and be educated and coached. Do away with pride and you will soon see yourself flying like the eagle. If you doubt me, then try and see.



Tools You to Improve your Tech Skills

The below are some of the tools i use to learn. I didn’t say I am perfect, but i know there are improvements ever since i began the journey.

  1. Sololearn – Enroll for courses free and take your tech skills to another level.
  2. Udacity  – Enroll for courses here. Free and Paid courses.
  3. Edx – Enroll free while you pay to get certificate.
  4. w3Schools – Learn HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Server Side, Web Building, XML Tutorials
  5. YouTube videos – cs Dojo, and many of them.
  6. Online Tutorials and PDFs.
  7. WhatsApp groups.
  8. Tutorialspoint. – Learn HTML Online Training, HTML CSS Online Training, CSS 3D Animation Online Training, 3D Animation Swift 4 Online Training, Swift 4 Blockchain Online Training, Blockchain ReactJS Online Training, ReactJS etc.
  9. You need an internet connected device (A PC or mobile phone).
  10. Exercise books for jotting.




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