How to fill your Log book Properly without Mistakes

How to fill your Log book Properly: Obviously, when you open your Log book the first thing to fill is the student profile and it is quite easy to do so.

The Information for The Industry’s profile should be given by your supervisor.

Now, a lot a speculation has been made concerning the best way to report your activities, whether it is best to use an active, Passive or even a reported speech now hear this. The best way to fill a log book is by using an Active voice.

Example on How to fill your Log book

Let’s take for example you came to work and for that day you learnt how to use an AutoCAD software to design either a building or machine parts. While reporting that on your log book it should be written this way:

Studied/Learnt how to design using AutoCad

It should NOT be reported this way:


I learnt how to design with AutoCAD

Now, Assuming you are a lecturer and someone brings his log book. It was very neat, the handwriting was beautiful and the same throughout and 1 particular pen was used to fill the whole log book!!!

Mere Psychology will reveal 2 things

1. It is either the guy did not do Internship
2. Or he did it and filled his log book on the last day of the internship.

And Note that log literally means something you do daily or continuously and not once.

NB: You log book is meant to be filled daily or look like something that was filled daily or at least weekly!!


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A guy cancelled all the dates in his Log book because at a point he was doing IT on public holidays.



  • You can’t just open your log book and fill the first day with…” learnt How to use AutoCAD”
  • When you enter a company you don’t start learning immediately……you have to do introduction, Medicals, Safety Briefing, Induction….before you are posted to a department and assigned a supervisor
  • Learning/Training should start around the 2nd or 3rd week
  • At the end of every month you are to summarize what you did and submit it to your supervisor for his comments
  • At the end of everything, your supervisor is to give his final comments on your overall performance, Seal the log book and send it to school without you seeing anything.


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