How Google AdSense approved my 1 month old blog in just one Application

How Google AdSense approved my 1 month old blog in just one Application

How long does it take for Google too approve my AdSense application? I believe by now you must have heard of Google AdSense and how long it takes for google to approve some application. I will be sharing with you how google approved my 1 month old blog at just one application. Please take time to read it.

I want to tell you that man is always the source of his problems. A lot of bloggers and web owners have been submitting google AdSense application for quite some times now and the outcome is always rejection. This has made some of them to go for USA or UK Google AdSense. I was in your shoes when I started my first blog. I felt the same way just as you are feeling now. No worries, just try out the following.



I started this ngportals last month August around 3rd. It all began as a passion to share what I love and know to the public. I decided to create this personal blog as it will be a way to express myself and to share my knowledge to you. I never thought of making money at the first place until the need arose.

How Google AdSense approved my 1 month old blog within a Day

I will be sharing with what I think I did to get my AdSense account application approved within a full working day. I applied for the adsense on Saturday and got it approved on Tuesday. It took Google just full working days to approve it. You too can achieve this.

I made sure I created the necessary pages:

Google will be happy to see that you have these pages on your blog.

  1. Privacy policy page
  2. Contact Us blog
  3. About Us page

I had to create these pages before I applied for google AdSense. These pages tell google that you know what you are doing. These pages help the visitors to know that this is a business owned by a human being and not by a robot. The privacy policy page gives the customers trust on what the site or blog is all about. How the owner collects users or visitors data, process these information and gives them feedback.

The contact us page is used to communicate with your blog users. It allows visitors to your blog to reach you via email, phone, etc. This is very essential as it allows criticism, complaints and observations on the blog or site. It clears the readers of every confusion on some of the information they have got you’re your blog/site. I created this page with the help of a contact form plugin. The plugin makes the work easy. It has short codes that can easily be placed on the created page to display the contact form to visitors.

The about us page contains information about the blog or site, the niche, what they offer, and sometimes the information about the owner of the bog if it is a personal blog. If it is a company, it tells the customers about the company’s products and the services they give or offer.


I published Original posts

Some persons make the mistake to use the CTRL C and CTRL V keys on the keyboard. This is very bad as a new blogger. I was used to this when I first started blogging. I visit so many sites, copy and paste even with the links in it. After I discovered this, I had to change and repent from all my bad ways. After my salvation from these habit, I had to take time to writing these original posts. It must not be up to 100 articles before they approve. Do not think that you must fill you blog with every content before google AdSense approves your application. It is about quality and not quantity. When you publish original posts, it tell google you are mean with business. Therefore google takes you serious. This is one the things I did before I applied for google AdSense which made them approve it within a day. After the approve it, you can copy but edit it before publishing it.

I submitted my blog to Google

This is a very important thing you should do before you apply for google AdSense. This tells google that that your blog exist. It allows google to index your pages, blog posts, categories, tags etc. This can be achieved by first submitting your blog sitemap to google. Google AdSense team are not foolish neither are they mad. They cannot approve what they have not seen. Do not think that they will approve any how blog.

I published relevant posts

When you are starting a blog newly, make sure you are providing something relevant to people. This allows visitors to stay, comment and share your articles. Some persons may tell you to focus on one niche to get fast approval, I do not believe this. Personally, I focus on different areas of my interest. If you have already started out a multi niche blog, you can go ahead to provide quality and relevant articles.

I created a new Email

This is one of the things I did that I will not regret. I used a different email that is different from the previous once I used in the precious AdSense application. I use a different phone number when I was creating this email. I think you should do this as it can save you the stress of multiple applications.

I installed Yoast SEO plugin

This is a very essential plugin that will help your blog to be indexed by google. Creating sitemaps to be submitted to google can be achieved easily with the help of this. I decided to set up my sitemap.xml file with the help of this tool before submitting to Google to properly index my blog. And guess what, it just took few days to get my blog indexed without wasting time. I also advise you to do this.

I placed the AdSense Code on the Head tag of the blog

So many bloggers make mistakes to place the code given to them at the right place. When you are given the code to place at the head tag, the head tag is found between the <head> and the </head>. For those using blogger, you can also parse the code before placing it. For WordPress users, you will have to install the Head and Footer Plugin to help you fix this. It will help you to properly place the AdSense code with ease without having to go into you header.php file of your WordPress theme. The reason is that all the pages of your blog include the head tags. This is one of very reason why Google AdSense teams approved my application.

Someone may be asking me of the traffic I get. I don’t think it is a factor as I have not recorded any outstanding traffic to my blog. When you are done with all these, you can go on to apply for google adsense. I believe you are just one step to getting your application approved.





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