How to Get Backlinks for free Using these 22 Websites

Thank you for clicking on the topic How to Get Backlinks for free using these 22 websites i will soon be showing you. Have you been complaining about backlinks? then i think it is time to apply these simple tricks to get what you want.

If you have already paid for backlinks, you are not alone. But there is this new method of getting backlinks be creating Profile Accounts on these 22 websites i will be listing.

Profile Accounts are created at websites that allow you to upload a photo and a link to your website. This is a great way to get backlinks, and even better for branding.  An example of a profile account that allows you to display your website is Twitter. Search engines will notice this backlink, and people that visit your Twitter profile will see your link and click it if they want to know more about you.


The goal is to create profile accounts at websites that are considered important by Google and that have a lot of authority. I found the easiest way to do this is to go to, click the “Top Sites” tab, and scroll down the list to see which websites will allow you to create profile accounts


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22 Websites to Get Backlinks for Free

You can get free backlinks to your website or blog by creating your profile with the following websites. All you have to do is after creating the profile, then update your account putting the url of your blog or website and update it. In some of the websites, there will be provision for URL, fill this with your url and click on update and automatically you are good to go.


2) (Facebook Fanpage)

8) (Not to be confused with

Things to Note when Getting Back-links from these sites


  • If you have links from multiple authority websites pointing back to your site, then Google will have no choice but to consider you an authority website as well.
  • It’s even better to have 100 authority backlinks compared to 10,000 spammy backlinks.
  • Some people argue that some of these websites are “No-follow” which basically means that the backlink doesn’t count, but I beg to differ. chikinaa.

When creating the accounts, try to do the following:

  1. You should also upload your company logo &
  2. Actively use these websites once or twice a month.


Thank you for reading.


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