Characteristics Of New Bloggers in Nigeria

From my experience in blogging now, i have noticed some of these Characteristics Of New Bloggers we have in Nigeria. Almost everyday, new bloggers are trooping into the blogging academy. If we do a proper research today, you will see that more than  1000 persons including companies today have already started blog(s) today either using the popular Blogger platform we know or the WordPress. Whichever it is, there is this unique trait i have found in the newbie bloggers especially in Nigeria.

This article is not to make you feel you are doing the wrong thing, but to open your eyes to know that you are not alone whenever you see yourself doing the same ting everyday.

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How to Know A New Blogger in Nigeria

Some of the persons I have created blogs for do these things almost every time no matter what you tell them.

  1. They Keep changing WordPress Themes
  2. They Uninstall and Install several Plugins within a Day
  3. They Disturb you with their Newly published Articles on Social Media.
  4. Copying and Pasting is their Daily meal.


1. They Keep changing WordPress Themes:

Most Nigerian Bloggers are into the habit of changing themes believing that it will make them rank well on Google which is very wrong. I have noticed this for some times now and it is like you cannot just stop them from doing this. Today NewsMag, tomorrow, MH Magazine and the next, they are already searching for Free Premium Themes to install on their blog. If you are in this category, then know that you are still a new blogger in Nigeria.


2. They Uninstall and Install several Plugins within a Day:

This one is very common. Installation and removing of plugins is their breakfast. Today is Yoast SEO, the next is ALL-IN-ONE-SEO and that’s how it continues. If you ask them, they’ll tell you that they just want to rank number 1 on google. I ask myself whether this is how to get to google first page…hmmmm. Fear this set of new bloggers oo. This people can crash their blogs themselves and tell you they did nothing to their blog.


3. They Disturb you with their Newly published Articles on Social Media:

Person no go hear word say you open new blog abi? These new bloggers can disturb your peace every time eeh. On WhatsApp, Facebook etc. They need quick traffic overnight, and because of this, they make sure they’ll keep sharing their articles even to their parents to read it. They even ask siblings to click, read and drop as many comments. One funny thing you’ll notice is that their articles are not well arranged starting from the title, misplacement of Uppercase and lowercase and wrong spellings everywhere just because they are in a haste to let the world know they are now in the field.


4. Copy and Pasting is Their Daily meal:

This is not applicable to all new bloggers but for those who are lazy new bloggers. They think they do not have that time to begin writing articles themselves but to copy and paste.


Please, as a new blogger, try as mush as possible to ask questions before you break down your blog unknowingly. It is very important.


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